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4th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Live Auction @ 1:00 PM

Join us for a Customer Appreciation Meal at Noon

Sale & Meal Location - Creston Community Building

Cattle on Display at Hula Herefords

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2016 Sale Features

Lot 9 - HH Thor Rambo 1465
calved: 5-18-2014 - Reg# 43475583

Sire: MH Rambo 0215
Dam: HH Miss Pat Knight 701

A really smooth made, chisel fronted, big  square hipped  bull here. Safe to use on heifers.  His dam has never had a calf over 75 lbs.  1465 tracks out on a big foot with plenty of flex and set to his pasterns.

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tag1482 Lot 11 - HH Boom Time 1482
calved: 9-15-2014 - Reg# 43533348

Sire: UPS About Time 0138
Dam: UPS Miss Advance 0689

Lots of pigment, big hipped, carrying down to a thick lower quarter. He is the representation of consistency and performance that all About Time bred cattle carry.

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Lot 14 - HH High Impact 5001 ET AKA "Frosty"
calved: 1-5-2015 - Reg#

Sire: CRR 719 Catapult 109
Dam: VCR 100W Jewel 322A

This calf has had mine and everyone else’s eye he’s been in contact with since day 1. The depth of body, natural spring of rib and power from end to end that this bull carries is unimaginable. “Frosty”  was the Calf Champion at Nebraska State Fair, Lead off bull for our Champion Get of Sire at Neb State Fair, also member of Champion Best 6 head Neb State Fair.  All Breed Champion Bull at Elkhorn Valley Preview.  He is also the lead off bull in our Denver Pen.  3 ET Brothers also sell in this sale. Selling ½ interest and ½ possession.

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Lot 15 - HH High Impact 5002 ET
AKA "Charlie"
calved: 1-10-15 - Reg#

Sire: CRR 719 Catapult 109
Dam: VCR 100W Jewel 322A

If not for lot 14, this bull would be getting all the accolades. He has more extension through his front 1/3 and is a bit smoother in his makeup. The EPD’s and actual performance of these Catapult calves is unprecedented. “Charlie” was Reserve Champion Bull at the Elkhorn Valley Preview and second in class at Nebraska State Fair- both behind his ET brother. He was also a member of our Champion Get of Sire and Best six head at Nebraska State Fair and member of our Denver pen. Retaining ¼ semen interest.

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Lot 17 - HH High Impact 5004 ET
calved: 1-11-15 - Reg#

Sire: CRR 719 Catapult 109
Dam: VCR 100W Jewel 322A

 “Captain” has all the exciting pieces as his 2 brothers just in a more moderate package.  The ability to go from a 3.2 birth weight EPD to a 120 Yearling is very difficult to accomplish not to mention the outstanding carcass data. He was also one of our Denver Pen bulls.

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